Carmine Antonio Lombardi was born in Casalnuovo Monterotaro (Fg) a small village in the province tucked away in the countryside Daune from a family of farmers.
The career began in Alexandria during his military service working in the officers’ mess, worked like a normal a la carte restaurant for about 80 officers with a brigade of professional chefs.
In the early 80’s crisis management in agriculture was felt, after a short stay in Milan, I was offered a job as a cook at the restaurant Toscana, il Delfino, the first part of his career has focused to the acquisition of capacity ‘purely gastronomic and knowledge of Tuscan products.Then the turning point in 1989 with a dream contract for a famous restaurant (Paper Moon, New York) was moving on the wings of the first steps in the Big Apple and satisfaction in the professional slow in coming, 2 stars The New York Times food critic from the great Brayan Miller, then a member of the James Beard Fuondation, some of my clients to Paper Moon New York: Calvin Klein, Oleg Cassini, Yoko Ono, Eric Clapton, Cindy Crawford, Donald & Ivana Trump, Lory Del Santo , Joe Di Maggio and many other personages yet.

In 1997, I could not give up the job offer for Giorgio Armani to open the restaurant Emporio Armani Caffé in a historic building Macka Palas, former Italian Embassy in Turkey in the early twentieth century in the heart of İstanbul well.
In the long nine years of collaboration with Giorgio Armani as Executive Chef I was given the opportunity ‘to film (Food & Fashion) a television program on NTV broadcast nationally (and also seen in Italy) for almost 2 years with 58 channels gone on the air, also working with more ‘than 90 magazine and local and foreign newspapers and a program for Gambero Rosso aired in Italy in 1999 at the OSCE meeting in Istanbul, I was appointed by the Minister Lamberto Dini to prepare dinner at the Palazzo Venezia Italian ambassador’s residence in İstanbul for the foreign ministers of European and U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.From 2006 the Emporio Armani Caffé restaurant closes in the historic building to reopen in 2008 in a modern shopping center.
In 2007, now experienced organizer to direct the work in a delicate operation that only a professional can ‘successfully carry out according to the standard quality and refined as those established in my career, began working as an Executive Chef for a chain of Italian restaurants Turkey ( Mezzaluna restaurants) 8 restaurants in Istanbul with 130 cooks more ‘a central kitchen for the preparation of semi-finished products and prepare 600 thousand meals a year, more’ 2 restaurants in Ankara and İzmir.

In 2016 I had the opportunity to return to New York City with Simit & Smith (Koc Holding Group) for a year and a half, now I’m back in Istanbul with the prestigious Divan Company.

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